IFC Captain's Cup Dolphin Tournament Official Rules

1.  Tournament early entry fee is $1500.00 per boat and includes Florida state sales tax.  Two anglers are included in the $1500.00 entry.  Additional anglers may be added at $300.00 per angler for a total of 4 anglers per boat.   After June 14th entry is $1800.00 per boat and includes Florida state sales tax.  Additional anglers may be added at $350.00 per angler for a total of 4 anglers per boat.  The entry fee includes dinners and gifts for anglers, captain and mate.  The entry fee is non-refundable unless a written request is received at least thirty days prior to the start of the tournament. After that, refunds will be made only if approved by the tournament committee.  Additional social tickets may be purchased at the Islamorada Fishing Club.
2. The Islamorada Fishing Club Captain’s Cup Dolphin Tournament rules shall be strictly adhered to and all decisions of the Rules Committee are absolute and final.
3.  The Tournament Committee must approve any substitutions of anglers.
4.  Lines in at 7:30 AM. All boats must be docked between Ocean Reef Club, in North Key Largo and the East end of the Seven-Mile Bridge, in Marathon. No boat may leave their dock for fishing before 5 AM. Weigh scales shall be open from 3PM until 5 PM.   Captains are ultimately responsible for their crew and should make decisions as to safe sea conditions for their vessel.  

5.   No two boats are allowed to come together after lines-in, except for emergency purposes. 

6.   IGFA rules will apply unless otherwise stated below.

7.  In the event of multiple hookups on separate lines being fought by a single angler, all fish being caught will be accepted for weighing. A fish shall not be fought from a rod holder. However, in the case of a multiple hook up, the angler may use a rod holder for its intended purpose.

8.  Only three fish that were caught within the time constraints of this tournament will be weighted per team. The total combined weight of THREE fish shall determine the winning team. In the event that no team weighs three fish, the total combined weight of two fish shall determine the winner. All fish must be weighed at the certified scales at the Islamorada Fishing Club in the presence of the angler(s) who caught them no later than 5 PM. Any anglers in line with their fish to be weighed at 5 PM will be allowed to weigh those fish. In the event of a tie, the team that weighs in first shall be the winner.

9.    Fish may be brought to the Islamorada Fishing Club by boat or by car.  Only three fish will be weighed per team.
10.  Other than bait catching, chumming of any type is prohibited prior to lines in the water.  No boat may chum on the behalf of or attempt to hold fish for any other vessel in this tournament and any fish caught as a result of such efforts will be disqualified.
11.  All fish may be subject to inspection with a Torrey meter. Any fish determined to be unacceptable will eliminate the team from the tournament.
12.  Any protests concerning the tournament must be made in writing by 5:15 PM.
13.  All captains, mates and anglers may be subject to a polygraph examination. Any captain, mate or angler, who fail or refuse to take this examination, by doing so, will be disqualified from winning any division of this tournament.
14.  The Captain’s Cup Dolphin Tournament pays guaranteed prize money for first place of $10,000.00.  For each boat registered over 10 boats the prize money increases by $1,000.00 per boat up to a max.of 25 boats for $25,000.00!
15.  Participants in this tournament enter at their own risk. Officials, committee members, sponsors and all persons connected directly or indirectly with the operation of The Islamorada Fishing Club Captain’s Cup Dolphin Tournament shall be exempt from any liability for loss, damage, negligence, harm or injury suffered to any participant, entrant, sportfishing vessel, their companions, boat captains, crew members, vessels and equipment, which may occur during this tournament.